The deaf girl next door

Part 1 I've spent all my summer playing video games, and watching the house on the other side of the street. Every time I used my laptop I looked through the window to the orange house. Every day, I kept seeing different things, like a different window being opened, sometimes a little white dog running [...]

His little sister

Aaron's heavy fast footsteps can be heard coming down the stairs, he throws himself on the couch and takes the controller in his hand: -Your sister is a very cool little girl, how come you never told me about her? says Richard's friend coming back from the bathroom. -What? - says Richard taking his headphones [...]

The mermaid

The story begins with my uncle, he and his family decided to visit a castle they always wanted to see, so I will tell you the story from his perspective, how he told it. ~ So, I have a great story to tell you, you know that last week we went to that castle, it [...]

The afterlife

My late 80s haven't been easy, not being able to do everything I love like I used to. It's been a week since I haven't been able to get out of bed, my wife helps me how she can, but it's not easy: -Come on old man, eat. -Faith, I think I'm dying. -Don't say [...]

The unseen house

It's a pretty windy 22 September, Chopin is playing and I can hear the water bottles tumbling down in the trunk, I look left and I see my husband driving silently, I look on the window trying to understand nature's feelings knowing it's about to rain, happy or sad? Who truly knows? He suddenly breaks, [...]

The map

Stuck in Prague I blow my nose and look back up, the geography teacher is explaining something on the map, can't really keep up with her, she is talking way too fast and it's been already 40 minutes of class, she asks me to come show her Paris on the map. I get up and [...]

The evildoers of dreams

the dream from last night... My friends and I talk about how we could enter the world of dreams, we are hiding behind a hospital, it's night and it's cold and one of our friends is lying on the floor sighing in his sleep, probably the evildoers are in his mind. The evildoers are a [...]

Boys in the night

Midnight, 3 boys going home on foot after a party at a friend’s house, laughing and gossiping about the party. As they went they saw an old lady approaching, dressed all black, they laughed and said “Good evening” to her, but no answer. She looked up at them but they couldn’t see her face, it [...]