The legend of the tooth demon

Once upon a time, there was a poor man, a simple man in a forgotten village, his whole life was about his lands and his cows, his life became this unbearable routine, waking up, working, and sleeping. Once a week his daily routine changed for a few hours, he would go in the forest for [...]

It ended for them both

Our story begins with an old argument between the “peculiars” and the ones that don’t believe in magic. This time, the story has a pair of siblings as main characters, brother and sister, a 10 years old brother, and 13 years old sisters. Maybe unusual for siblings of this age, but they were also best [...]

The 100th day

The story begins with a princess, she was 18 at the moment of our story, she lived at the castle with her father, the king. Their family, The Blackrose dynasty ruled over the country for the last five centuries. One day she goes in front of the palace and asks 3 soldiers a little favour. [...]