Time traveller

I had a really strange dream last night, when I woke up I kept thinking of it, and I thought you might like it. One day seeing that nothing goes as I what, and I am in a moment in life when everything is upside down I keep thinking of moments from 3 years ago. [...]

The evildoers of dreams

the dream from last night... My friends and I talk about how we could enter the world of dreams, we are hiding behind a hospital, it's night and it's cold and one of our friends is lying on the floor sighing in his sleep, probably the evildoers are in his mind. The evildoers are a [...]

The two demons

I think I had 10-11 years when I had this dream, and the dream starts like this. -Mom please, I want to finish my homework! -Clean this room and your job for today it's done, mom says while leaving the room. I start cleaning when I hear something from behind, I look back and the [...]