Apps and sites for writers

1. Reedsy It has a lot of features that could be useful to you, like a book editor and a marketplace -to find your future editor or publisher. Also, has many other tools you could have fun with -name generator-, it’s very easy to use and has a very pleasing interface. 2. All Write Alright [...]

How to write a short horror story?

A short definition for horror Horror is supposed to give the reader a sense of fear, disgust or shock. Horror can be divided into subcategories like psychological horror and supernatural horror, which can both transmit fear through different elements. Choose a subcathegory Supernatural Horror The type of horror that has supernatural elements, like ghosts, vampires [...]

Supernatural creatures

Supernatural beings are real. I've heard a lot of opinions on this one, most of them were like "No, not real". The funniest opinion was "Why would you ever get a dragon tattooed on you? Dragons ain't real." I didn't, how do you know? I wanted to kill her but let's forget that. I [...]