A wand for a human

PART I Our story begins with Algar, a Wand-Maker elf, living in his little forest house, he is red and has big ears and big orange eyes. Algar evening starts by going into the garden to pick up a raspberry, he waves at Mina as he sees her coming from the human's town. Mina is [...]

Who betrayed first?

The dark waves hit the boat over and over again, the storm begs for some dead Vikings, but Sigurd keeps encourages us. "Calm down crew. He never lets us down." His voice is powerful and deep, and he is a good captain, he has a long light brown beard and always keeps his axe in [...]

Ghosts tell stories

I wake up suddenly from the screams I hear from downstairs, I jump out of the bed and run. As I open the door to the bathroom I see my mom, sitting on the floor, she is covering her mouth with her left hand, and blood is pouring through her fingers. I look on the [...]

Who is crazy now?

Catherine takes a sip from her coffee and laughs: “ I swear...Ronda told me, she said that this happened like 1 year ago, when they were still good friends.” “A witch? That’s so childish...such liar. Crazy” Sandro laughs and picks up his phone. “I’ll call the guys, ask Rick to come with us, a night [...]

Dreams of a Future

Anxiety hits me hard every time I have to go outside. Sunny invited me and some other friends to his house; I couldn't refuse. I got dressed and mustered the courage I needed to leave my sweet library. Sunny picked me up… by the time we got to his house, everyone was already there. The [...]

Unexpected letter

The door bell rings and I jump from my chair, I was almost finally sleeping. I run to the door and see the mailman: -Hi?! He gives an envelope and leaves, I guess he's very busy, always in a hurry. I go back in and prepare myself a coffee while reading the letter. I don't [...]

The two doors on the other side

I find myself being in front of the two gates from “The other side”, I look on my right and see the angel smiling, the angel that just explained to me that the first door is “Heaven” and the second one is “Hell”. “Have you decided yet?” he asks with kind of a British accent [...]

Time traveller

I had a really strange dream last night, when I woke up I kept thinking of it, and I thought you might like it. One day seeing that nothing goes as I what, and I am in a moment in life when everything is upside down I keep thinking of moments from 3 years ago. [...]

The deaf girl next door II

PART 2 Ash is in hospital with some severe injuries, the doctors told me she has low chances of living so, right now I'm waiting beside her bed, waiting for her to wake up. But she never did, she died last night and now I'm just drinking my pain on our bedroom floor. I broke [...]

The deaf girl next door

Part 1 I've spent all my summer playing video games, and watching the house on the other side of the street. Every time I used my laptop I looked through the window to the orange house. Every day, I kept seeing different things, like a different window being opened, sometimes a little white dog running [...]