It ended for them both

Our story begins with an old argument between the “peculiars” and the ones that don’t believe in magic. This time, the story has a pair of siblings as main characters, brother and sister, a 10 years old brother, and 13 years old sisters. Maybe unusual for siblings of this age, but they were also best [...]

Apps and sites for writers

1. Reedsy It has a lot of features that could be useful to you, like a book editor and a marketplace -to find your future editor or publisher. Also, has many other tools you could have fun with -name generator-, it’s very easy to use and has a very pleasing interface. 2. All Write Alright [...]

How to write evil characters?

“Why is the character evil?” That’s one of the questions many of us have when we read or see a villain, and the reason for the evil actions of a character has to be known. People can pity or hate an evil character, decide which one you want for yours, and built it on that. [...]

How to write a short horror story?

A short definition for horror Horror is supposed to give the reader a sense of fear, disgust or shock. Horror can be divided into subcategories like psychological horror and supernatural horror, which can both transmit fear through different elements. Choose a subcathegory Supernatural Horror The type of horror that has supernatural elements, like ghosts, vampires [...]

A Halloween tale

The end of October was coming fast, everyone was getting ready for Halloween in the small town of "Blueberry wine", which was, of course, famous for its blueberry wine. The town had approximately 50 houses, so it wasn't hard to remember who lived where, but what's certain is that they loved Halloween. They celebrated it [...]

The witch

Our story has its roots in a northern forest, where the grass and the trees get darker by the day, and the sky watches what "The witch" does all day long. She is a teen witch, living alone in the middle of the woods, she doesn't know her name, or if she even has one [...]

The rainbow’s eye

Our story begins with five friends Oliver, Jon, Lukas, Owen and Charlie. They have been friends since childhood, lived in the same neighbourhood, went to the same school and dated the same girls. They are now 21, dressed like skater boys and drinking beer. "I'm not in the mood for football," says Owen drinking a [...]

A revengeful elf

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind darling.” Says Firlia pouring rose tea in her nutshell. The nutshell sways slowly on the solid wood table. Behind Firlia, on the dirt wall, there are some colourful petals, which stand up on the wall with the help of thin twigs, used as nails. [...]

The “Late Nights” restaurant

-Tobias come on, we have to go! Tobias ignores Alexa, singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” while tying his shoes. -I’m getting my backpack and we go. Calm down. They both get ready and leave, they are going on a trip to an abandoned town to take some photos. On the road, they argue about how Alexa doesn’t [...]

A wand for a human II

PART II Algar works all night to create his greatest project, a human wand. Once the wand is ready he takes it out, the wand's top is at Algar's nose, from half up is painted dark green and a thin string is tied up at the bottom. He hides the wand behind the house and [...]