Burn Heaven


Part I

In a world where your only pieces of information about your potential future job are in books your father had since he was your age, Dorothy was looking for her future job in a dusty book.

In an old Victorian mansion, Dorothy and her parents were living a good and quiet life. The house was built in 1840 by Dorothy’s grandfather, when he died in 1880 he left it to his son, he got married the same year, to a beautiful blonde-haired woman called Emily, and shortly after they had Dorothy.

Time passed quickly, as time usually does, and Dorothy was now almost 18, trying to find a life that would fit her well.

For the last 10 years, the system changed a lot, more specifically since the new Queen claimed the throne, her belief was — quoted from “The book of law by Elizabeth The Queen” —

“Every child should use the books they have in their home to choose their future path in life. Parents may not interfere with information or comments of any kind. Everyone has time until their 18th birthday to choose what to do next.”

This was the paragraph which “The book of law by Elizabeth The Queen” began with, these words confused a lot of people, but the years showed exactly what she meant by it.

It was September 1st of 1898 and Dorothy was going to turn 18 years old in a few days, which was very excited for her but not so much for her parents.

Dorothy was a kind and calm girl, she loved reading and painting, but she also wanted adventure and danger. She loved spending all of her time in the home library, reading and trying to gather as much information as she could about as many jobs as she could. She had a journal with all the information that she gathered, but it didn’t matter how many things she would find out, she had a favorite page — Pirate —.

The “Pirate” page was the one that intrigued her the most, being on the sea and drinking beer with your friends sounded so good to her, also going on adventures and finding hidden treasures was something she always dreamed of, but what she didn’t like was the reactions her mother and father had when they saw her talking happily about pirates:

“Remember honey, real life is not like in these books, that’s just fantasy.”

She knew they weren’t allowed to tell her anything, but she would still ask:

“Why would you say that? Don’t they find treasures? Gold and so on?”

“Yes, they might but…” said her father looking worried at the page in the journal.

“That’s what I want,” said Dorothy grabbing the journal from her father’s hand.

She tried rereading the other pages every day — Lawyer, Doctor, Nurse, and so many others — or she could simply work with her parents at their tailoring business. They were a rich family so she had good options, but her mind was stuck on going onto the sea, being the Queen of a ship full of man pirates.

However, for the sake of her parents, she reviewed her choice every day, thinking that one day her passion for pirates would just go away, fly away over the sea, and never come back. She wished her parents could tell her why they don’t like her choice, but they were too afraid to break the law, she just assumed that “Pirate” is a job for the “Low class” and they were ashamed, and in that case, she was happy they could not tell anything to her, she wanted to choose something she liked, not what they wanted for her.

With her choice already made in her mind, she used her days before her birthday reading, painting, and spending some quality time with her parents.

It was 10 September, Dorothy’s birthday, the day she waited so much for, the ceremony was about to start in a few minutes, her heart was racing while getting dressed, her mother has made her a red dress that went along amazing with her hair, her hair was black as the night, just like her father’s, but she had very white-pale skin, like her mother.

She went outside, her parents and other relatives were already there, and so was the Queen, Dorothy felt her cheeks turn red, she smiled and took a sit on the chair prepared for her, right in front of the Queen.

“Silence! Your Queen is speaking!” Shouts the Queen. “Hello Dorothy, please stand…Tell me about your choice.”

Dorothy’s legs started shaking, she looked the Queen straight in her eyes and said.

“Pirate…I want to be a pirate.”

The Queen’s laugh filled the mind of everyone around her, she kept laughing like she heard the funniest joke ever, but then she instantly stopped.

“A Pirate girl? Honey, you’re from such a “High class” family, you could choose anything.”

“I know but…”

But before Dorothy got the chance to say what she wanted to say, the Queen stopped her and said:

“I don’t need your explanation, I don’t care. I accept your demand.”

Dorothy started jumping around, singing and dancing, until her eyes fell on her mother, crying on her father’s shoulder.

“Mom…” she whispered.

“It’s fine, I’ll be fine.”

The Queen organised everything so Dorothy can be on a ship the next day, Dorothy packed a few things and waited without closing an eye for the whole night.

The morning felt like the best one yet, Dorothy radiated happiness and enjoyment, she dressed in the most comfortable dress and shoes, let her hair fall on her back, and kissed her parents one last time before leaving.

A carriage was waiting for her outside, she got on to it, waved her parents, and left.

She felt happiness overwhelming her as soon as she saw the ship, men walking around, dressed exactly how the books described them, and she also saw another woman, which made her extremely glad.

She got out of the carriage and walked to the ship, a few men looked at her and laughed, and some others smiled at her, she smiled back and said:

“I’m Dorothy.”

They ignored her and continued to do whatever they had to do. She climbed the ladder and stepped on the ship, and the moment her foot touched the wet wood floor, her heart fell into her stomach and got back up.

“Hi, I’m Dorothy,” she said again, thinking they haven’t heard her the first time.

“We heard.”

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