The legend of the tooth demon

Once upon a time, there was a poor man, a simple man in a forgotten village, his whole life was about his lands and his cows, his life became this unbearable routine, waking up, working, and sleeping.

Once a week his daily routine changed for a few hours, he would go in the forest for wood, mushrooms, and a walk, but in time that also became part of a well-known weekly routine.

It was Saturday morning, our man got dressed and went to the forest, right at the forest entrance he saw a woman crying.

“What happened sweet lady?”

“My daughter is dead.”

“How so? What happened?” asked the man.

“Someone found her dead in the woods, last night…There is her body,” she said pointing to the corpse.

The man walked closer and looked, the girl was only wearing a sleeping thin dress and no shoes, her hair was unbraided and her face was full of dry tears, as he wanted to go closer he fell.

He hit his head to rock and stayed there unconscious for a few minutes until the woman woke him.

“What happened? How did you fell?” she asked scared.

When he wanted to reply he realized his mouth was full, when he spilled he saw blood and all his teeth on the ground. He touched his mouth and felt through his lips the empty gums.

“You teeth…” exclaimed the woman looking down.

He didn’t reply, he looked at the girl again and said in his head “May God forgive you.”, he looked at the woman and nodded. She nodded back and smiled, and laid down beside her daughter.

Our man continued his road to that place in the forest he liked, thinking about what happened to him, how he lost all his teeth and what could he do.

He took a sit on a fallen tree and started crying, the forest was silent, almost like she was also sorry for the man, but the silence was broken by a distant voice.

He looked around, but he didn’t saw anything, the voice was coming closer so the man got up and started to follow it. As he got closer, he could understand the words the feminine voice was saying.

“The farmer…the farmer.”

He saw a girl sitting on the ground, she was the one talking, he got closer and touched her on her shoulder, she turned around and smiled.

“The farmer,” she said again.

She touched his hand and he saw, he saw in her mind, in her memories, she saw the farmer kidnapping her from her bed, last night, the farmer brought her to the forest, he killed her. She was the dead girl at the forest entrance, her mother was the woman crying.

“Will you help me punish him?”

He nodded yes and tried a smile, he didn’t want to scare the ghost, “I don’t want to die, killed by a ghost” he thought.

“You are already dead sir, I’m sorry.”

He looked at her shocked, and tears started falling from his eyes.

“I’m sorry, we connected and I can hear your thoughts for a while, I’m also sorry about your teeth.”

All kinds of questions started popping in his head, and he didn’t have an answer for any of them.

“I saw my mom today, she knows I’m a ghost, but I can’t leave the forest, so I need your help.”

“Where is my body?” he thought.

“Your body is somehow with you, I think you became what we call a “Moroi”, and from what I know, you can leave the place you died in, as long as you came back.”

“How can I help you?” he thought, trying not to focus on the fact that he died by hitting his head on a rock.

They made a plan, using their supernatural powers and their anger, and the first victim they thought of was of course the farmer, they wanted to scare him good, but the farmer made everything go different.

The farmer came into the forest that night, but he wasn’t alone, he had once again a girl with him, and that was the moment our ghost girl and our man got angry, they joined forces and attacked the farmer. In a few seconds all the farmer’s teeth were on the ground, he fell shocked on the ground and started screaming, the girl he kidnapped took advantage of the situation and started running.

“We don’t kidnap girls here farmer,” whispered the man in the farmer’s ear.

The farmer looked around for the person that spoke and he saw the man coming from behind a tree, and the girl he killed was with the man, he was stunned.

“You will go in the village and you will tell everyone what happens to kidnappers, killers, rapists, and so on. Tell them about “The legend of the tooth demon”, it’s just like “Tooth Fairy”, except that the “Tooth Demon” takes all your teeth, directly from your mouth and it’s us.” says the girl proud and smiling.

The farmer looked confused, scared and he didn’t know what to do.

“Go!” shouted the girl “Oh, after you finish telling the story, come back here,” she added while turning around and disappearing in the fog.

The man was so proud of the girl and so disgusted by the farmer, he got closer to the farmer and whispered.

“Do as she says or I’ll come for you.”

The man turned around and left in the fog, following the girl. The farmer ran as fast as he could and gathered every man in the village at the only bar they had, and he told them “The legend of the tooth demon”, he didn’t know how much the men understood, because he couldn’t speak very well without his teeth, but he made sure to tell them the whole story.

After he left the bar he looked back at the village for the last time, and he went into the forest.

It is said that the man and the girl still make every bad human’s teeth fall and the farmer comes and collects them in a beige basket full of bloodstains from the teeth, the people around the village said that they saw the farmer’s basket and it’s always full.


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