It ended for them both

Our story begins with an old argument between the “peculiars” and the ones that don’t believe in magic. This time, the story has a pair of siblings as main characters, brother and sister, a 10 years old brother, and 13 years old sisters.

Maybe unusual for siblings of this age, but they were also best friends, and the more unusual events made them became so close.

“Come with me, I want to show you something,” said the boy one night, asking his sister to come with him in the attic.

Between all the boxes with old toys and notebooks, the boy made himself a little place, it was dark and smelling like old wood. The girl sat down next to her brother and looked at him scared, checking the attic looking with the corner of her eye.

The boy showed her how he could turn the pages of a book only by looking at it, and told her how he could see things before they happened.

She hugged him and assured him everything will be fine, they went back to bed quietly that night.

The days that came got harder for the boy, his powers increased in number and intensity, and they were harder and harder to hide. But the day that ruined everything for him came, while eating breakfast with his mother and sister he felt pain in his hand, the pain got worse enough for him to drop the spoon from his hand.

“What’s wrong?” asked the mother before she looked closely at the boy’s hand, and saw some black lines.

The children tried to explain to her about the strange things the boy could do, but unfortunately, she didn’t react like they thought or hoped.

The next thing she did was to take the boy to a hospital, they checked him, but everything seemed alright so they send them home.

Instead of believing or even listing to her children, the mother decided her son was mentally ill.

“There is no such thing as magic,” was the last thing she told her son before she left him at the mental hospital.

On the days that came the girl tried to explain to her mother that her brother wasn’t sick, but her mother, a religious woman, didn’t even bother to listen to her.

The first time they visited the boy, the girl promised her brother that she’ll get him out of there, to prove he was not sick.

“Magic is not a sin, and I’m going to prove it for you,” said the girl to her brother.

The boy’s only hope and escape was his sister, so he decided he would be a good kid, listen and take his meds. The hospital called once a week to ensure the mother of his state.

“He seems fine, healthy,” they said every time they called.

Meanwhile, the girl tried to find anything that could help her little brother, and she did, the second time visiting her brother. While crying in the hallway that her mother wouldn’t let her see her brother an old woman came to her.

“I know you know your brother isn’t sick, I heard you talking to your brother.”

The girl looked at her scared, unsure, but the woman smiled and sat on the chair next to hers.

“I always had magic powers I couldn’t control, but I had something that helped me hide them.”

“Can you give me some?…for my brother? asked the girl with eyes full of tears.

“I would love to, but you see…that’s why I’m here, I had nothing left, I couldn’t hide my powers anymore.”

“Who brought you here?” asked the girl looking around, “My mother brought my brother, she thinks he’s crazy.”

“My husband.”

The girl was just a child, but she was mature enough to realize not to ask more.

“I’m sorry Ma’am.”

“I can tell you how to make that potion,” said the woman searching through the pocket of her white large pants.

She shows the girl a little list:

1. The strong faith of someone who doesn’t believe in magic

2. Love

3. Brown sugar

“Where can I find these? I don’t think I understand,” said the girl looking confused at the list.

“Your mother might have brown sugar in the kitchen,” said the woman smiling, getting up from her chair.

“But the other two ingredients? Where did you usually get them from?”

“Both from my husband.”

The woman left, leaving the girl wondering where and how could she get these ingredients. She hid the list in her shoe and waited for her mother.

As soon as she got home, she took the list out and started thinking of how could she materialize “Love” and “The faith of someone who doesn’t believe in magic” in something she could make a potion from.

“It shouldn’t be that hard.”

The girl took a big breath and went into the kitchen, her mother was there, drinking a glass of water.

“Mom, can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

“What made you not believe in magic?”

“My childhood priest, he explained to me that there is no such thing as magic.”

“I understand, could we go to the church tomorrow?” asks the girl putting her little hand over her mother’s.

“Of course, these events with your brother make me want to be close to God too.”

The girl gave her mother a “Good night” kiss and went to bed. She spent the whole night thinking of a way to make the potion.

“I will find the answer at the church, I’m sure,” she said before falling asleep.

In the meantime, the little boy was thinking of his sister and mother, and also he discovered how he can control his powers a little bit, the alone time helped him in some ways at least.

But, his mind was full of questions that didn’t let him sleep. God morning.

The next morning came, and the girl was more excited than ever to go to the church, she dressed and took a little bottle with her, just in case she would find the first ingredient for the potion.

As soon as she got to the church she started looking around, nothing looked like it could help her until the priest came to her and her mother.

“I heard about your son, I’m sorry,” he said.

“Thank you, father.”

The girl looked at the priest like he could say in any moment the answer to the question she had, but he didn’t.

“Do you believe in magic?” asks the girl suddenly.

“Don’t start again,” shouts her mother angry.

“I don’t. There is no magic, there is just faith,” answers the priest with a neutral expression.

“Can I have some holy water? I also brought a bottle,” replies the girl giving the priest the bottle.

“Of course child.”

The priest filled her bottle with “Fresh holy water” as he described it. She thanked him and they went back home quickly because it was visit day. The first thing the girl told her brother was “I’ll have a plan to get you out.”, but her mother heard her and she ended up again in the hallway.

“Did you find the ingredients?” asks a tired voice.

That woman came again, took a sit on the chair next to the girl, and smiled friendly.

“I think I found one, I think I saw my mom using brown sugar this morning in her coffee, so I only have “love” left,” explained the girl.

The girl would’ve liked to talk more, but she saw her mother angry so she run to her.

“The doctor says he doesn’t talk about his powers, but he still has the black lines on his hand.”

It was obvious to anyone who was looking at her that she was angry, disappointed, and afraid for her son. These were the things her daughter read from her face, and it motivated her to do the potion faster.

When they got home, the girl made sure to add some brown sugar in the holy water before going to her room. She closed the door, sat on her bed, and started crying, for the first time since her brother left she found the strength to release her emotion.

As a tear had fallen on the bottle an idea came to her mind.

“I can use my tears as the last ingredient, love.”

She opened the bottle and let her tears fell in the bottle, she thought of how much she loved her little brother, and all the moments she felt like they will be best friends forever.

She went to sleep happy, being sure that the potion is ready and she will save her brother.

The next morning the girl tried to convince her mother to visit her brother again, but she didn’t agree, so she decided she would go alone. She pretended to be sad and went into her room, took the bottle, and left the house through the window in her room.

The road to her brother felt shorter than ever, she ran at fast as she could, and felt the happiest when she was at the gate of the hospital.

When she got in the first person she saw was that woman, she ran to her with her heart filled with gratitude.

“I can see you’re very happy, did you make the potion?” she asks looking hopeful.

“Yes! I wanted to thank you, I truly believe I can save my brother.”

“Can you let me smell it? I can tell if it’s a good potion only by the smell of it.”

The girl, a little naive who never tasted betrayal before, gave the woman the bottle. The woman smiles and opens the bottle. smells it and laughs takes the bottle to her mouth, and drinks it all.

The girl is speechless, starts crying, and asks confused:

“Why? It was for my brother, how can I save him now?”

“Why did you thought I had the list with me? So I can give it to someone naive enough to make the potion for me.”

“I’m just a child…I’m going to tell my mom about it.”

“No, you’re not. I’m going to use the last few seconds of my powers wisely.”

She touches the girl’s hand and leaves, the girl falls on the floor, unconscious and without breath. It took a few minutes for someone to see the girl, and pick her off the floor.

The doctor from the ambulance, that came shortly after, declared her dead.

Meanwhile, her mother was at home, worried she couldn’t find her daughter, but at the moment she thought of going to the hospital, -because that was the only place she could think of-, she received a phone call from the hospital, with bad news.

“We recognized her from the visits,” said the woman on the phone.

“I’m coming.”

The mother went to the hospital, and sadly it was her daughter. After she spend a few hours trying to find out what happened and then cried and cried, she went to tell her son.

“How did this happened?” was the first thing he asked amid tears and sighs.

“They said no one saw anything.”

He couldn’t believe how unlucky a child can become overnight, and he knew that he will remain trapped in the hospital because his mother will never believe him.

As time passed he started to truly realise that his sister was dead, she will never come to visit him, to tell him that everything will be back to normal.

His mother got very caught up in finding out what happened to his sister, and she stopped visiting him.

He was alone.


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