Burn Heaven

The witch

Our story has its roots in a northern forest, where the grass and the trees get darker by the day, and the sky watches what “The witch” does all day long. She is a teen witch, living alone in the middle of the woods, she doesn’t know her name, or if she even has one because her mother always called her “The witch”.

Her mornings always begins with her choosing one of the 5 dressed she has, two black, two dark-red and a green one, and today she goes with dark-red. She goes to the well, fills a cup and waters her mother’s grave, which is right next to the west side of the house. Her silver hair touches the ground as she sits on her knees to talk to her mother.

“I promise that I’ll become the best-bad witch you’ve ever seen.”

She gets up, cleans her dress and goes back into the house and writes in her notebook.

“Day 200, I am finally ready to go in the town and do my spell. Five years without my mother are enough.”

She prepared herself a basket full of blueberries to sell, from her house to the town there were two hours of walking, so she left at 6 a.m. When she entered the town people didn’t seem happy to see her, looks full of anger were thrown at her, and whispers were travelling with the wind through the whole town. With all the anger she had for every person she saw, she had to step on her pride and ask someone where the market is, and the first person that caught her eyes was a man.

“Hello sir, can you tell me where the market is?” she asks smiling.

He looks at her from head to toe, raises his eyebrows and takes a step towards her.

“Come with me, I’ll show you.”

She follows him as she inspects everything about him, he looks clean. She never went out of the woods before, so the only things she knew about men were the ones her mother told her, and she told her a lot.

“How old are you?” asks the man touching her waist.

“I’m nineteen,” she says stepping aside.

“Have you ever been with a man before?” he asks, looking directly into her eyes.

“What?” she asks confused, looking back at him.

He laughs and continues to walk, she looks at him and sees how clean his clothes are, and she also sees the ring on his finger. Seeing the ring reminded her of a saying her mother had, “never get in bed with a man with a ring on his finger.”

“Are you married?” she asks suddenly.

He raised his eyebrows again and whispered in her ear.

“Are you a witch?”


“I know the legend of the silver hair witch in the forest,” he says winking.

When they finally arrived at the market she opened her basket and shout.

“Cheap blueberries!”

“I want to buy.” says the man still standing next to her, “My children love blueberries.”

“For free, because I brought you here,” he adds taking some blueberries out of her basket.

He laughed and left, looking back at her a few times. She walked around the market for many hours, not selling anything and only hearing people calling her “The witch.”. When she decided it’s finally time to leave, a little girl came to her.

“My mom told me you are a witch, is that true?”

“It is,” she answered giving the girl a berry.

“I also want to be a witch when I grow.”

Before she could answer, the girl’s mother came and started praying, looking at her angrily.

“Come on Nina, never come close to a witch again,” says the woman as she drags her child far from the witch.

She closed her basket and left, leaving behind her a town full of hate, people that hated her without knowing her. When she got home, she went to her mother’s grave first, to tell her the first experience in town.

“Mom, I stole a piece of thread from a man’s coat, I’m going to put a spell on it and he shall be mine.”

She went into the house, preparing her bed and a rose tea when she heard a knock on the door. She had never heard a knock on that door because none ever came here. She walked to the door with a knife in her hand and opened it slowly.

“So I finally found you…” says the man standing in front of her, the man from the town.

“How did you get here?” she asks trying to close the door.

“I used to come here to your mother, by the way…sorry for your loss,” he says pushing the door with his left hand.

Anger wrapped around her soul, no one knew about her mother’s death, no one could know, only he was the one that killed her. Her mother lied to her, said that she never brought anyone to their house.

“You should come in,” she finally answers.

She opens the door widely for him, he enters and takes out his shoes, then jumps on her bed.

“What are you doing?” she asks while closing the door.

“Making myself comfortable, your mother always allowed me to.”

“Well, I’m not my mother, get out of the bed,” she says going towards the table.

She takes her cup of tea and takes a sip.

“What are you doing here?” she adds.

“I fell in love with you today, and I immediately knew who you were, that’s why I helped you,” he says taking her cup.

“Where did you told your wife you were going?”

“To you, she also knew about your mother, she put her on the stake.”

She wanted to kill him at that exact moment, but she wanted to go bigger, revenge her mother calmly. After he fell asleep, she began her little spell, by morning the man will have the witch’s mark on his arm, her witch’s mark. She went to sleep next to him, but not before she scratched herself on her back and legs.

When morning came she saw the man preparing tea, she got out of bed and suggested to him to go to the town together.

“Of course, but once we get there we shall divide,” he says taking his shoes back.

“Are you ashamed of me?” she asks adding some blueberries to her basket.

He laughs and nods a “No”, moving his hand slowly on her arm, she takes a step back and says:

“Let’s go!”

On their way to the town, she tried to find out more about her mother and her death. Apparently, her mother was sleeping with him, he told his wife and that jealous woman made the church burn her for witchcraft.

“She was a witch after all,” he says.

“She was, but she didn’t deserve being burnt. It’s not their call to make.”

When they finally entered the town she pushed him, making him fall on the ground and she started screaming:

“This man cheats on his wife.”

A few men and women looked at her and laughed, turned their back and wanted to leave. She looked down at him and whispered:

“I didn’t want to pull this card, but I have to.” she looks back at the people and screams “He practices witchcraft, check him for the witch’s mark”

At those words, everyone jumped on him and ripped off his shirt, and there it was on his arm, the mark. She pulled up her dress and showed them the scratches on her legs.

“This is his work, the devil’s maybe,” she added screaming.

It didn’t take long for the church and the people to have him and his wife on the stake, everyone was cheering and throwing rocks at them. The witch stepped in front of everyone and told her story once again. She promised to take care of their two children and to move to the town.

“I’m sorry my people, I never meant to make you believe I was unholy, I stayed in the forest because that’s where my mother raised me and that’s where she died. I will come to town, I promise.”

She took the children next to her and told them silently:

“Don’t look, you better go home and take some of your things, we’ll move together.”

As the man and the woman were burning and everyone was happy, the witch went between the stakes and started laughing.

“You idiots, they were not witches, I tricked you. Stupidity made you blind,” she touches the burning stake and adds, “But I will honour my promise and move to town.”


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