Burn Heaven

A revengeful elf

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind darling.”

Says Firlia pouring rose tea in her nutshell.

The nutshell sways slowly on the solid wood table. Behind Firlia, on the dirt wall, there are some colourful petals, which stand up on the wall with the help of thin twigs, used as nails.

From time to time a whistling of the wind is heard, because the storm brought with it a very strong wind, almost feels like winter is coming, but it’s the middle of the summer. A twig hits the wooden door and opens it, Daena gets up and goes to close it back.

“I know, but I have to revenge my death.”

Says Daena using all her strength to close the door, Firlia comes and helps her.

“You are an elf now, your human death will be revenge by other humans, I’m sure.”

“Mom, I know you still don’t believe me.”

“Daena, you come to me one day saying that you remember your past life, you were a human and you were murdered by thieves, how can I believe you?”

Daena gets up, pushes the chair under the table, turns around angrily, and goes into her room.

Her room has dirt walls, like every room in the house, she is living in an underground house so everything is from nature. Daena remembers her past human life and all the things she had, her room, her phone, and because of those she hates her new house and life. The only thing she likes about her new self is her red hair, she always wanted red hair.

After the storm, Daena and her little sister go to collect some water. They find a curved leaf full of clear water, and then carefully pour it into a piece of wood their father carved.

“Taisha, I have an idea, but you have to keep it a secret.”

Taisha nods as she drinks the last sip of water from the leaf.

“I want to run away from home. Find my past family, and…those thieves.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, mom and dad would be upset, and you wouldn’t be safe…Plus, humans are not supposed to see us.”

“They already know you exist, stupid elves.”

Daena starts crying and runs to hides in some tall grass around a little lake. She just wants her human life back, she never liked elves and any other forest creature. When she finally calms down she hears a human voice, some boy talking to himself, Daena jumps from her hiding spot and runs to the human.

“Hi, my name is Daena and I need your help to get in the town.”

The boy takes his phone out of his pocket and starts filming Daena.

“Look at this, an elf, a real elf.”

“Did you hear what I said?”

She shouts going closer and closer to the boy.

“The elf’s trying to speak. I hope you can hear it!”

Daena gets angry and throws a little rock at the boy, hitting his knee. The boy seems unbothered, smiling with his white teeth showing.

“First of all, I am a girl, and secondly I’m not trying to speak, I am speaking.”

The boy is very excited, filming Daena from all the angles he can, he comes closer to her and tries to touch her hair. She screams and starts running through the forest, the boy is right behind her, not letting her escape. Daena’s advantage is that she knows the forest better, so she hides under the roots of a tree she used to hide when playing with her sister, when the boy left, Daena went home.

But the next day when Daena went to collect some berries, the boy was there, and many other boys were there too. They captured her, locked her in a backpack and left the forest. They were happy and proud, and they were ready to sell her for a good price.

Daena thoughts were all over the place, she gets to see the town, but she is an elf now, her family will be worried, and most important…humans cannot be trusted.

The next thing she sees is a dark green room, kind of looking like forest green, all those boys are looking at her, scanning her every centimetre.

“You have to take me back home.”

The boys start jumping and screaming, they are shaking. Daena looked at their faces and realized, humans don’t understand elves. She started crying again, she is in danger and there is no one to help her.

Two boys hold her still while two others collected her tears in a glass. After that, they all set down and drunk the tears, hoping they would turn into elves, at least that’s what they said.

“You are so stupid, my mom was right…”

Says Daena when she realized that humans were not as smart as she remembered them.

The next days were the same, Daena being photographed and touched by all the humans. She was sold to some man called David, interested in elves and mystical creatures, sold like an object.

The new man took her to a white room, full of different tools. David looks fascinated, writing about her, drawing her and asking her questions. He seems like one of the only kind humans, he always smiles and talks nicely to her.

“Our time together is over now.”

Daena’s heart starts beating faster and faster, David might kill her, why wouldn’t he after all? He puts her in a bag and leaves the house.

He opens the bag, Daena jumps and looks at him scared. He brought her back to the forest.

“Thank you little elf, thank you for helping Iceland, we found out a lot about elves.”


David gets his things and leaves Daena to question everything, she never thought that when she came back to life as an elf, her location changed, she thought she was in the same country she died in as a human.

All the revenge she had on her mind stopped her from liking her new life, herself, and family.

‘I am a goddamn elf!!”

She shouted all around the forest, realizing how lucky she is.

From that day, Daena embraced her elf self, enjoyed living in the forest, eating berries and drinking rose tea in a nutshell. She never showed herself again to any human.


4 responses to “A revengeful elf”

  1. I love your stories about Elves ^_^


    1. Oh my god, thank you so so much! ❤️ Cannot express how much I appreciate your support!


      1. Of course! It’s always really nice to read your creativity ^_^ Take care ❤


      2. I send you love and thousands of hugs! ❤️


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