Burn Heaven

The “Late Nights” restaurant

-Tobias come on, we have to go!

Tobias ignores Alexa, singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” while tying his shoes.

-I’m getting my backpack and we go. Calm down.

They both get ready and leave, they are going on a trip to an abandoned town to take some photos. On the road, they argue about how Alexa doesn’t want to visit Tobias parents next week.

“Tob, you already know they don’t like me.”

“They do, you are just anxious.”

“I’m not going…”

The rest of the road was silent until they entered the town, they left the car at the town entrance, right next to a school. They decided to walk all around town to see everything better.

“Let’s first enter the school, maybe we can photograph some old books and so.”

Says Tobias with his hand already on the door handle. They go around the school for 5 minutes and leave, they did the same with all the buildings. Took many photos in every building they entered, such as bars, schools, shops and houses.

Alexa starts running and screams happily.

“Tob, look! The restaurant!”

The “Late Nights” restaurant was what they were looking for, they saw a photo of it from 1900, in an old newspaper Alexa’s grandma had. It was really beautiful and they wanted to add photos of it to their collection. The restaurant was abandoned around 1930.

The restaurant has lots of red details on the brick colour of the building, some very dark greens were making their way on the building around the windows. The inside is full of light red chairs, white tables, and a golden ceiling. There are lots of glasses, mugs, and plates on the tables, behind the bar, an alcohol bottle is smashed on the floor.

“It’s amazing! Take as many photos as you can!”

Says Alexa walking around the rectangular dirty white tables.

Tobias takes photos of all the details he can see, following Alexa around.

“Look, my grandma has a mug exactly like this one, she has it from her great-grandmother who bought it from here!”

She takes the mug and looks at it, a dark red mug with the name of the restaurant. She seems worried, trembling, drops the mug on the floor and it breaks into a million pieces all over the floor.

“Let’s go outside… smoke a cigarette.”

Tobias looks at her with suspicion but goes with her. When they are both outside he says.

“Alexa, we don’t smoke. Are you ok? You’re trembling.”

“I know, I needed I diversion, that’s the first I could think of.”

“Diversion for what?”

“The mug was warm. Maybe someone is hiding in there.”

Tobias remains silent, looks at the restaurant door, hugs Alexa and whispers.

“I think we should leave.”


They are home, Alexa’s watching tv and Tob’s editing some of the photos, the silence is killing the vibe for Alexa, so she decides to say something.

“You know, when I showered I saw that I had a little cut on my right leg, most probably from when I broke that mug.”

The next few days Alexa’s behaviour got very strange, she was always mad, arguing with Tobias every day, she was violent and wanted to spend most of her time alone. But when Tobias really got mad and scared was when Alexa threw a knife at him while arguing.

“Ok, that’s it, you have to choose.”

“Between what?”

She says laughing.

“You either go to the psychiatrist, a priest or a medium.”

“That’s funny Tobias, I don’t need to go.”

“Something is wrong with you, I feel you screaming for help on the inside. We’re going anyway, you just get to choose who we’re first going to.”

They ended up going to a medium, Alexa’s first choice, they explained to her everything that happened in the last week, about the mug and Alexa’s behaviour. At the end of the hour of talking, the medium thought for a few minutes and said.

“I’m sorry, I’m pretty positive that there was a spirit in that mug, that’s why it was warm, and now that spirit is attached to you because of the cut.”


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