Burn Heaven

A wand for a human II


Algar works all night to create his greatest project, a human wand. Once the wand is ready he takes it out, the wand’s top is at Algar’s nose, from half up is painted dark green and a thin string is tied up at the bottom. He hides the wand behind the house and does his daily tasks as nothing happened.

When it’s 6 o’clock he prepares his tools, takes the wand and goes into the forest. His heart starts beating faster and faster when he arrives at the spot, he looks around, but the boy is not there yet.

Through the silence, Algar hears some human footsteps, closes his eyes in fear, he doesn’t know if the boy was worth trusting. What if he brought someone with him?


Algar opens his eyes and sees the boy, his blonde curls look shiny in the sunlight. The elf gives the boy the wand.

“I really hope you like it. I painted it green because my father is green, and he is a Kindness elf, his anger affects the grass as you do. I thought maybe you are a Kindness elf too.”

“It’s very beautiful, thank you..”

“Algar, my name is Algar. What’s your name?”

“My name is Eric, nice to meet you.”

“Eric, I can help you control all powers. I know everything about wands, I’m a Wand-Maker elf. You are with the right elf!”

Algar and Eric meet every day, same hour, same place, Algar thought Eric everything about the process of making a wand and how he learned to use his.

“Algar, I have a surprise for you. You’ve been teaching me for a month, I want to give you something in return.”

“There is no need for such things Eric, I love teaching you.”

“I really appreciate what you’re doing for me, you helped me so much. I want to show you my place, you can stay in my backpack.”

Algar cannot believe what Eric wants to do for him, he was always taught not to trust humans. He thinks a few seconds, he doesn’t want to do anything foolish.

“I think I’d better go home.”

Says Algar looking down at his tools. He thinks of a phrase his father used to tell him “You can never trust an elf with dirty shoes.”

“It might apply for humans as well.”


Says Eric confused.

“I’m sorry, I was thinking of something.”

Algar looks at Eric’s shoes, and they are very clean. He looks all clean, his hair looks washed and his clothes always smell nice, even though he always wears the same black shirt.

“Eric, is that the same shirt as yesterday? Or do you have more black shirts?”

“I have many, I like black shirts, make me feel comfortable. Don’t worry, I always have clean clothes.”

Eric laughs and looks at his shoes, to make sure he really is all clean.

“It’s ok if you don’t trust me, I understand.”

“I trust you. Let’s go.”

Algar jumps into Eric’s backpack and they leave. Eric showed Algar his room, taught him about the internet, and other electronics he has in the house.

“You should show me your house now.”

When Algar hears the words Eric said his little legs feel weak, he knew he could never do that, betray his people.

“I cannot do that.”

“But I did it.”

Eric is angry and throws his wand against the wall, a small crack is heard when the wand breaks. Algar’s eyes fill with tears as he runs to the wand.

“We were always certain about your existence, you were never of mine. Elves know exactly where to find humans, I can’t say the same for humans.”

Algar looks at the broken wand, soulless and powerless dying in a human’s room. Her dark green colour becomes darker and darker until it’s all black.

“I didn’t have my tools to save her! I trusted you! You broke the wand! I want to go home.”

Algar screams and cries, feeling the most disappointed he had ever been.

“You can go home by yourself. As you said, elves know where to find humans, so I guess you can find your way back.”

Eric opens the room door and looks away. Algar takes the broken wand and goes towards the door.

“You never mess with an elf Eric, that was rude.”

Algar pins his wand towards Eric erases his memories with him and runs straight home.

“And that’s why my children you never trust humans, I am Algar from the story.”

Says Algar, staying in a chair in front of the Reading class, spending his last years teaching others not to do his mistake.

“Sir, who old are you? I believe you are pretty old, you already have pink hair, my grandmother has some.”

Asks a little girl.

“I guess you are a Knowledge elf, you are right, I am old. But I’m happy I finally got the courage to admit my mistakes.”


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