Burn Heaven

A wand for a human


Our story begins with Algar, a Wand-Maker elf, living in his little forest house, he is red and has big ears and big orange eyes. Algar evening starts by going into the garden to pick up a raspberry, he waves at Mina as he sees her coming from the human’s town. Mina is a Knowledge elf, she is blue, with small ears and big purple eyes.

“Hi Mina, how was the town today?”

“It’s their rest day, they were all in their beds, I managed to steal 3 pages from 3 different books. Today was a win!”

Says Mina, with a wide smile, looking behind her at the folded pages, tied up with a thick string.

“Cannot wait to read those pages tomorrow.”

“Actually, we will read them tonight, at 8 o’clock, I hope you can make it…”

“You know I go to the forest at 7, why did you…? Doesn’t matter, see you there.”

Algar goes angry back inside, changes to his forest clothes and prepares his tools.

“Dad, can we please go now? The reading will be at 8 tonight, and I want to go.”

“I was just looking for you, I cannot go with you today. So you can go now if you want.”

He turns around and starts walking.

“I will go alone now, thanks for telling me earlier.”

Algar takes his tools and leaves. The trees he’s looking for are on the other side of the forest, but he has superpowers that make him a very fast runner.

He finds a Sycamore tree and starts doing his first task, getting wood. Everything went fine for a while but he stops when he hears human’s voices. Humans never came to this part of the forest, so Algar is worried and afraid.

He hides behind a tree and listens to their conversation, the 5 boys just laugh and talk about their daily life, but our little elf is fascinated because he hears a lot of new things.

The boys start fighting and one of them comes close to the tree Algar is standing by, he lays on the ground and lights up a cigarette. Algar sees how the boy’s anger makes the grass go around him.

Him seeing that the human has superpowers like the elves thought he could trust him, he comes out of his hiding place.

“Shhh…please don’t scream.”

The boy is petrified, drops his cigar on the ground and looks straight into the elf’s eyes.

“Are you a real elf?”

His voice trembles at every word.

“Yes. I saw you have superpowers, the burning stick you drop is your wand?”

Says Algar picking up the cigarette.

“Wand? Superpowers? No no.”

“I saw the grass growing around you, because of your anger. My dad can do that too, he is a Kindness elf, so when he’s angry he’s affecting his surroundings.”

The boy just looks at Algar, not saying anything, listening carefully.

“I can create a wand for you, help you control your magic.”

“I think I’d love that.”

“Meet me here tomorrow, same hour.”

Algar has his cheeks dark red from the emotions, he never interacted with a human before, humans always seemed scary and he wasn’t allowed to go near them, but he has to tell someone the discovery he had. He runs straight to Mina’s house, enters the big garden and stops. Everyone is on the big page, reading and admiring. Everyone points their eyes on Algar when they hear his heavy breath, he drops his tools on the ground and says loudly.

“Humans have superpowers, did you know that? Why didn’t any older elves told us that?”

Mina looks at him with bigger eyes than ever, her light blue skin starts being light purple.

“We just find that out, from these pages. It says here that there are humans with different superpowers. I cannot believe it!”

Algar takes his tools and turns around, but Mina says loudly.

“But how did you find out?”

Algar doesn’t respond and runs home, he goes straight into the woodworking room and starts working at his biggest wand, a wand for a human.


2 responses to “A wand for a human”

  1. Amazing story! I’m looking foward to reading part 2! ^.^


    1. Thank you so much! Part 2 coming soon! ❤️


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