Burn Heaven

Who is crazy now?

Catherine takes a sip from her coffee and laughs:

“ I swear…Ronda told me, she said that this happened like 1 year ago, when they were still good friends.”

“A witch? That’s so childish…such liar. Crazy”

Sandro laughs and picks up his phone.

“I’ll call the guys, ask Rick to come with us, a night out.”

“What the hell has that to do with the fact that Jade literally told Ronda that she is a witch.”

“Believes that she’s a witch!”

Sandro corrects her laughing.

“Rick will ask her to come with us, they are good friends, and you can expose her. Laugh a little bit.”

“Call them, I will get ready.”


The stars seem to enjoy the jokes everyone says, and the wind blows away all the smoke. Catherine gets up from a bench, unties her light brown hair and says:

“I have the best joke. I mean…it’s not mine, it’s Jade’s.”

Jade looks confused but answers quickly.

“I already did the best jokes of the night, you can have that one.”

“Whatever…So, once upon a time there was a girl called Jade, and she believed she was a witch.”

Says Catherine slow and articulated. George lights up a cigarette and says:

“Worst joke I heard tonight, I am pretty sure it’s not Jade’s.”

“George…our clown, your opinion was not needed. Anyway, Jade really believes she is a witch.”

For the last few moments Jade is been frozen in space and time, her face has no expression. She looks up at the rest.

“And what?”

“So she really believes!”

Says Sandro looking at Catherine. Everyone starts laughing, making jokes and mocking Jade.

Catherine perspective

Jade looks petrified, she must be so ashamed, everyone is laughing at her. A witch…hah, where did she got this idea?

She looks at me and says.

“You were my friend.”

“I was, I am not anymore.”

“You know, I was your friend too, but I would never make fun of you in front of other people. Respect for the friendship we had.”

I can see her squeezing her jaw, clenching her fist and breathing slow. She gets close to me and starts laughing.

“You always thought you were funny and interesting, the truth is that you never were.”

I feel my legs leaving the ground, my whole body is hugged by anxiety and emptiness. I am levitating as she points her hand at me. She laughs uncontrollably and spins me in the air by just spinning her finger. I say her feature changing every time she smiles.

I cannot understand exactly what’s going on around me. Her nails seem to grow every second and her skin tone became dark red.

I hear thunders and different voices, I see crows flying around me. I start crying.

“Put me down you psycho. I believe you now, ok?”

She smiles and puts me down by just letting her hand fall. She moves her head strangely, her hands look skinner and her eyes look like they will pop out her head.

“You for sure believe me now…Catherine, you were always a little shit.”


Everyone is silently watching Catherine crying.

“Why are you crying?”

Asks Sandro hugging her.

Catherine hits him and pushes him.

“What do you mean why am I crying? This devil made me fly, almost changed her shape into a demon. That’s why I am crying.”

“What the hell are you taking about?”

Says Rick laughing and looking at Jade.

“Catherine, you’ve been silently crying for several minutes, frozen in place. Jade did nothing.”

“Maybe her subconscious is telling her she shouldn’t made fun of me.”

Says Jade. Sandro goes to Jade and says:

“Drop it. She’s scared.”

Jade laughs and says:

“Never annoy a witch Cath, say another thing and next time you’ll fly directly to hell, or should I say…dig directly to hell.”

Catherine starts screaming again.

“Did you fucking heard her? She just threatened me!”

“Catherine, she didn’t say anything!”

Says Sandro taking Catherine’s hand.

“She’s in my head. Of my god! She’s in my head!”

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