Burn Heaven

Unexpected letter

The door bell rings and I jump from my chair, I was almost finally sleeping. I run to the door and see the mailman:


He gives an envelope and leaves, I guess he’s very busy, always in a hurry. I go back in and prepare myself a coffee while reading the letter.

I don’t know if to laugh or cry, who is he? I read the letter again and again, how does he know me? I have so many questions.

-Where can I get the answer if not directly from him, before he dies.

I dress the most elegant I could, with a red leather trench on top and black boots. I called for a taxi and went there. A small house, with stone on the outside and a dark wood roof, with a dragon head doorknob. I knock and wait…I feel the tension through my veins. An old lady opens the door, she has a long dark green dress.

-You must be Gia, come, your room is ready. Tell me what you would like to eat or drink and I’ll make it right away.

-Thank you, a mint tea would be great. Can I see Mr. Frederic?

-I am sorry, he died this morning, the funeral is tomorrow.

I follow the lady, we go into a big basement, with stone floor and walls, a bed, a desk, a wardrobe and a bathtub.

-It’s very nice, I love it.

-I can help you move all of your things here, If you want be to. Mr. Frederic said you’ll move here.

-Thank you, I’ll ask for your help if needed.

She leaves the room and gives me time to inspect everything. Nothings seems strange, a normal room, with everything needed. I decide to inspect the whole house. I open the door carefully and go upstairs..I found a kitchen, a bedroom and an office. I start looking through the papers in the office, a lot of documents that I don’t understand, a lot of names I never heard.

-Do you need help?

I turn around and I see the old lady.

-No, I am sorry…What’s your name?


-Agatha, I am here because I received a letter from Mr. Frederic, I have never meet him, I don’t know anything about this family or this house. I am just looking for clues.

-It’s your house now after all, you can look where you want.

-How long have you been working here?

-50 years.

-Let’s have a little chat, drinking that mint tea.

She told be that Frederic’s wife, Annabella, gave birth to 3 sons and 2 daughter over the years, but after the birth the child would disappear.

-The last one was a girl, 20 years from now, on 4 November.

-My exact birthday…

I spend the whole night looking through documents, I found some homemade birth certificates, my name was on one of them, also the names of the other 4, maybe siblings of mine. Now I just have to find them, send them a letter. I wrote the letter on the same kind of paper I received mine, I took it from Frederic’s desk.

I sent the letter and waited…It took a week for the 4 of them to come, some of them needed more than just a letter. After they all arrived I showed them my letter and told them what I already know or suspect. We looked together at all the documents and realized that they gave all of us to adoption, as I thought, everything matched perfectly.

-But why?

Asks Peter looking at his birth certificate.

-They had enough money and space for all of us.

He says again.

-Hi guys…can you come here?

We hear Rebecca shouting from the basement.

-I found a document that says that our mother couldn’t have kids. I don’t understand.


P.S. Part 2 or let the end to your imagination?!

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