Burn Heaven

Time traveller

I had a really strange dream last night, when I woke up I kept thinking of it, and I thought you might like it.

One day seeing that nothing goes as I what, and I am in a moment in life when everything is upside down I keep thinking of moments from 3 years ago. When my whole body starts feeling itchy, I look at my hands and I see them disintegrated into small pieces, small pieces of my body flying in circles around me, the whole room starts to fade and I faint.

I open my eyes and I see my mother watching Tv and my sister writing some homework, in our family house.

-Did you fell asleep again? says mom laughing.

-Yes, I think yes. I say confused while looking for my phone.

I find it in my hoodie pocket and look at the date, 2018. I don’t know if it is a dream or I went back in time. I go into the bathroom and wash my face a few times. I go back into the room and take a sit on the couch, I remember the conversation my mom and my sister are having right now, I keep saying in my head the next thing they will say before they do.

Each move they do seems familiar, every object is in the same position as I remember. Everything is the same. I start feeling more and more exhausted so I go to sleep.

Waking up I realize that the dream I had last night was a dream I already knew. That’s when I really started to believe I went back in time.

The next few days I visited different places, places I have never been to and, did things differently. One pretty strange place was a 4 storey building with a pit around it, you could only go into the building by jumping on a wooden panel that was a few centimetres away from the building and then climb to the window of your storey. To get to the wooden panel you needed a 2 meters jump and the climbing looked impossible because the only thing you could grab onto was the next window.

As I was passing by I saw a woman going out through the second window, jumped right next to the pit’s edge and walked away. A few seconds after a little girl jumped from that window on the wooden panel.

-Mom, please don’t go to work today!

-Climb back, I have to hurry! says her mom and gets into the bus.

I jumped next to her and helped her climb, that’s when I saw that everything was a big room with everything in it, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen.

-Visit me again, I’m tired of being home alone every day. Said the little girl while I jumped back down.

-I will! Be safe, never jump out again!

As I did more and more decisions I decided to go back, see what I’ve changed. Thinking of the time I came from the process began quickly, little parts of me started flying around as I lost my sight and hearing.

When I opened my eyes I was in what looked like a castle, a vintage house, with sculptures and painting, with amazing old furniture and a lot of books, the type of house I dream to have one day. I walked around a few rooms, everything was beautiful, with burgundy and black details all around the house. The 6th room was a big library, I looked up and down and all around, so many books, I felt the happiest I have ever been.

-How was your sleep honey?

I hear my dad’s voice behind me, when I turn around I see a different person. Well…it was still my dad, but he looked different. He looked exactly like James Patrick March from American Horror Story, the vibe, the clothing, the haircut and the moustache, the only unchanged thing was his face.

-It was fine, thank you.

-I passed by to borrow a book, I hope you don’t mind. I also paid some of your bills for you. He says with a book in his hand and a golden pen in the other.

-No problem, you can borrow it.

-I brought a game for you, I found it in the attic, it’s a game I played when I was your age.

-Where is it?

-On the desk.

I look on the desk and I see a doll house and a doll beside it. I look closing trying to understand how should I play this game.

-I don’t get it.

-Touch the doll. He says smiling.

I look at the doll, and it looks exactly like my mom, which is kind of creepy, but I touch the doll’s hair, and once again I find myself in a different place. It was a school’s sports field, a lot of boys and girls were running all over the place. I vaguely remember the following events, all I can remember is that I had to do different tasks to go back to my real body in the real world. I had to climb buildings, swim deep into the sea and fight with animals. I never knew what would happen if I die, will I just go back in my real body or just die.

Once the tasks were over I opened my eyes again, this time from my real body. My dad was shocked and picked up his phone, called mom and asked her to meet us here.

-How did you do it? How did you not die?

-You wanted me to die? I don’t understand why would you send me there? I scream angrily hitting the desk with my boot.

-It never worked for me or your mom. My father gave it to us as a wedding gift. He always said that it was magical, and great adventures are waiting for us there.

I listen carefully to him, and his story shocks me. I close my eyes and think of England in 1800, I open my eyes and I see the pieces flying around as my sight fades away.

-I can travel in time and space.

And that’s the moment I wake up.


2 responses to “Time traveller”

  1. I loved this thanks for making my time better


    1. My pleasure! Thank you for all the support!


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