Burn Heaven

The deaf girl next door II


Ash is in hospital with some severe injuries, the doctors told me she has low chances of living so, right now I’m waiting beside her bed, waiting for her to wake up.

But she never did, she died last night and now I’m just drinking my pain on our bedroom floor. I broke everything that could be broken when I got home last night, I threw all her things in the street and cried until the morning. It’s 8 am and I hear a knock on the door, I open the door and a tall dark-haired policeman is in front of me, he smiles and says:

-I am sorry for your loss but we have the murderer, you have to come with me.

I throw the beer on the floor and go with him. As we got to the police station I see that girl’s boyfriend and go to him:

-Your girlfriend is going to jail.


He looks at me confused with big eyes.

-Your girlfriend.

-She is not my girlfriend, she is my step sister, why does she keep saying this lie to everyone?

He screams while hitting his head on a wall, two officers come and get him. He turns around to look at me and whispers:

-Stick with my plan if you want to leave.

I read this words from his lips before they put him in a cell.


In the next few hours, he tells us that Brigitte – finally found out her name- was his stepsister and she has some mental problems, their parents were always at work so he took care of her. She often told people that he hit her, but he said he never did. He told us that he killed Ash because Brigitte could not stop talking about how much she hates her, so he killed Ash for her. I didn’t know what was the truth behind all this but he feared that I will tell him he is not the want that killed her.

But I did, I couldn’t let her be free after everything she did. When they came to get her I was already home looking through my window, they stayed inside for almost an hour and came out without her. I panicked, get up from my chair and wanted to go out to ask them what the hell happened, but she was here, with me.

-Hi Carter. I’m here.

I imagined the moment I will saw her, wanting to cut her neck but, now that I have her one meter away from me I cannot move.


-I see you talked to my brother. I don’t know what he told you but I am kind of a liar, he is my brother, he never hit me, I did all these bruises by myself so I can attract you, I knew you are kind. I’m sorry I killed Ash but she was in our way. Ohhh, almost forgot, I’m not deaf, it was just for the character.

-You are fucking crazy!

-I am, but I never thought that will be a problem for you. Since I left the asylum I’ve been taking my pills everyday.

She keeps coming towards me and I have nowhere to go, I hit the desk with my back and stop.

-You have to hide me Carter, the police will come any minute, I killed my brother also. He couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

She is smiling shameless, I put my hand on her waist and whisper:

-You can hide under the bed but I’m not promising to cover you if they ask to many questions.

She hides under the bed exactly when I hear a knock on the door, the police is here again. I want to turn her in but I’m afraid.

-Hi Carter, I just wanted to tell you that she’s missing, also he found her brother and their dog dead. Just be careful, please. Do you want a security guard in front of your door?

-No, it’s fine.

-Ok man, take care. Call me if you need anything.

-I will.

I can’t understand why I said “No” because I definitely need a policeman somewhere close. But now, I try to remain calm, trying not to remember I have a murderer that’s obsessed with me under my bed. I go back into the room and I see her laying on the bed and I don’t know if I’m more scared she will kill me or kiss me.

-Come on Carter, we’ll play a little “Truth or dare” game.

Now that’s awesome, I’m fucked!


If you haven’t read part 1:

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