Burn Heaven

The deaf girl next door

Part 1

I’ve spent all my summer playing video games, and watching the house on the other side of the street. Every time I used my laptop I looked through the window to the orange house. Every day, I kept seeing different things, like a different window being opened, sometimes a little white dog running in the garden also lights inside but, never a human being, there are either people who go out really early, don’t go out at all or ghosts.

One day, writing homework I see some movement outside, in front of that house’s door. A young girl taking her dog on a walk, she has bruises all over her face and arms, she has her blond her in a ponytail I don’t know why but I feel like I know her and I need to talk to her, so I go outside and approach her:


An awkward feeling stops me from saying anything else. She looks at me from head to toe and I look like I’m homeless, her cheeks turn red and she points to her right ear.

-You are deaf. I’m sorry. I don’t know sign language.

She looks at me, smiles and with sign language she tells me:


And then leaves. I stood there for I few minutes, I was shocked because she was right, I was a liar. I went inside and told the story to my girlfriend, Ash. She is also deaf, so I know sign language.

Ash kept asking why I lied to the girl and why I went to her, but I still don’t know.

Days passed, and I kept watching her leave her home with the dog every time with more bruises. So one day I decided to ask Ash to go talk to her.

One Monday morning as I saw her outside I told Ash and she went to talk to her. I watched them from the window, I see them smiling and looking like they both liked the conversation. Until the girl hit Ash, she slapped her and run inside. I run out and I see Ash coming back with tears in her eyes.

I got angry and go knock on her front door a few times, a boy comes out, he’s wearing a white t-shirt and shorts, he has a beer in his hand and he chews gum. His hands are dirty and overall he looks like he hasn’t washed in a few weeks.

-Can you please ask the girl that lives here come out?


Says the boy while taking out his gum, rolls it with his fingers and throws it somewhere in the hallway behind him.

-Kidding…One sec.

He leaves and comes back with the girl. Looks at her and tells her:

-I threw a gum somewhere, find it.

She nods a “Yes”, he looks back at me:

-Be careful man.

She steps outside and closes the door behind her. I start asking her why did she hit Ash and why does she have more bruises every time I see her, I ask her a lot of question and I feel like strangling her every time she doesn’t answer.

She tells me that her boyfriend hits her, abuses her for years. She hit Ash because she is jealous of our relationship. She tells me of how she looked at us all summer from various windows with a binocular, and saw be being a good boyfriend for Ash.

-I am in love with you.

This is the last thing she tells me before I leave. As I cross the street I hear her last sentence over and over again. I decide not to tell Ash about the binocular and the love declaration because her reaction would probably freak me out worse than I already am. I keep thinking of everything I did in my room, she was there watching. Everything she told me is horror.

I keep thinking of what I could do because I can’t act as nothing happened, the only thing that came to my mind was going to the police to report her abusive boyfriend. This seems the most serious problem. I give Ash a goodbye kiss and leave.


The policeman acted like a dumbass and told me to bring her to the police station to confess, I got angry and left.

-If she could come I wouldn’t be here!

I will solve this another way because I will not leave that boy who keeps hitting her get away with this. I go straight at their door and knock, he opens the door and I push him on the floor, punch him in the face a few times, through the punches I keep telling him why I do this for.

-You should never hit her. You want to fight? Fight with me.

He hits me back and steps back:

-That’s none of your damn business.

I laugh and punch him again.

-I think it would be better for you to leave her alone, she doesn’t need you.

He pushes me out and closes the door, I get up and hit the door with my leg. I turn around and go home, I plan to sit with my binocular at the window.

As I enter I see blood on the floor in the bathroom, my heart starts racing as I run to the bedroom, Ash is on the ground and the girl is on top of her.

-What the hell are you doing? Are you crazy? I just beat up your boyfriend for you!

-I returned the favor.

I grab her arm and pull her towards me, I push her against the wall and run to Ash:

-Ash, are you ok?

She breaths slowly and blood is coming out of her nose. I take my phone out of my pocket and I call for an ambulance. I hold Ash’s hand tight and whisper cute things while I look around, but the crazy girl is gone.


Read part 2:

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