Burn Heaven

His little sister

Aaron’s heavy fast footsteps can be heard coming down the stairs, he throws himself on the couch and takes the controller in his hand:

-Your sister is a very cool little girl, how come you never told me about her? says Richard’s friend coming back from the bathroom.

-What? – says Richard taking his headphones off- I didn’t heard you, the game is too loud.

-I was talking about your sister. I meet her on my way down, she was just going upstairs.

Richard moves his head slowly so he can look at the stairs. Aaron is confused because Richard doesn’t say anything.

-I didn’t knew you were an overprotecting brother.

-I am not…What did she say? says Richard smiling.

-Hmm, she told me her name is Helene and that she is your sister. She looks like a funny child, how old is she? 4 or 5?

-Aaron, you are not funny at all, you know I don’t like this kind of stuff. You better leave, I’ll call you later when you won’t act like a baby, or better, you call me.

-What’s wrong with you? You are the one with a secret sister.

Richard gives Aaron his jacket and his phone and runs to open the door. Aaron is standing in front of the door and says:

-Tell me what’s wrong, we were having a great time. I will not talk about her if you don’t want me to.

Richard gets very angry and agitated and starts screaming:

-We were having a great time stupid, until you thought of doing this stupid prank. I don’t have a sister and you fucking know it Aaron.

The tension between the two of them was intense and the silence was deafening, until Aaron spoke:

-She is on the top of the stairs right now Richard, waving at me. If someone is pulling pranks it’s you buddy. And you were right before, it’s not funny.

Aaron turns around, gets in his car and drives away. Richard closes the door and goes back to his game.


Unfortunately, their friendship ended because both of them were claiming they were not joking. What came after it’s only for them to know.


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