Changing shape

The wind blows nice and the sun is hiding behind some grey clouds, and for me, this is the best time to haunt so I decide I’ll go in the forest for a quick snack. I get there really fast and start looking around for a creature to eat.

I just saw a wild boar but it is too big for me and it would be too hard and risky to go after him, so as most of the times I eat a mouse. Right before I leave I see a little mole lost on the surface, trying to dig her way back into the ground, but I catch and I devour it, and I can say it was better than the mouse.

I clean myself and go back home, as I am almost in front of my house I take a sit on a bench to take my breath, when my neighbour passes.

” Hi Sasha” I say smiling.

She freaks out, screams and starts running. I am very confused by her behaviour because she was the only one from the neighbourhood I liked and it always seemed like it was mutual. As I’m thinking of Sasha, I raise my hand to scratch my nose and I see my black wing.

And that’s the moment I realized I forgot to change back to human form and I am still a crow, and I just said ” Hi” to my neighbour. Good thing I wasn’t already in front of my house, I wouldn’t like for her to suspect me of something this strange.


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