Burn Heaven

Dragon egg

This is a story my grandfather told me when I was 4 or 5 years old, it was so fascinating that I still remember every detail. I remember hearing the fire “singing” in the fireplace and my grandfather standing next to a big window. It was snowing with big snowflakes, but under the big and heavy pillow – only grandparents have -, I was protected from any coldness.

It was a story of a hunter, one time hunting deep in the forest, the deepest he had ever been, he found something amazing. He found a big bird nest, right beside the roots of a tree, it was huge, approximately 2 meters in diameter. The nest had one big egg right in the middle, the hunter said that 1.000 chicken eggs would fit in that egg.

He looked around to find the mother of the big egg, even though he couldn’t think of an animal big enough. As he searched the cold night came, so he decided he would sleep next to the egg. The nest was comfortable and the egg was warm, so our hunter fell asleep right away.

When the morning came, his whole body was in pain, and the nest wasn’t as perfect as it was the night before, so he thought that maybe the mother visited. He got out of the nest and decided to take the egg with him, keep it home in a safe place and wait until the baby comes out, to see what animal it is. As he was trying to get the egg out of the nest the earth began to shake, the wind bent the trees until they touched the ground with their leaves, and he could hear the closest river boiling.

He got scared, jumped into the nest and hide behind the egg. A big shadow covered the ground and as he looked up and saw a monster, a creature that was so big it could eat the clouds, looking like it was flying around the sun. The creature landed right next to the nest, gathering its wings on his long back, and bringing its tail next to its front legs. A creature with fish scales and bird wings coloured in black and grey.

“A dragon” the hunter said while a tear was dropping from his eye, amazement or fear? He couldn’t figure his emotions.

No one heard him because his voice seemed like a whisper of an ant compared with the noisy breath of the dragon. The dragon took a sit on its precious egg and the hunter.

“That’s why every bone and muscle hurt this morning” thought the hunter waiting for the dragon to leave again.


A few hours might have passed when the dragon finally got up, the hunter took his change and ran as fast as he could, without stopping until he got home. He told the story to his wife and children, they are all amazed but didn’t really believe him, his wife telling him that he was either drunk or the forest witches played with his mind.

As a few years passed he gathered the courage to go there again, he left his home at 2 a.m. and at 6 a.m. he found the place. He looked around for another hour, and finally, next to a tree he saw some hay probably left from the nest. As he looked at it, the wind blew the last strands of hay and the place remained clean as if there was nothing there. The last thing left was a circle where the grass would not grow back, from the weight of the egg in the nest, and of course the mother.

He went back home, upset that he didn’t saw the dragon again, but happy because what he saw was enough for him to know he was never bewitched, as his wife said, everything was real. That’s when he told my grandfather the story, and my grandfather told me this amazing story many years after the hunter died.


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