Burn Heaven

The mermaid

The story begins with my uncle, he and his family decided to visit a castle they always wanted to see, so I will tell you the story from his perspective, how he told it.


So, I have a great story to tell you, you know that last week we went to that castle, it was so beautiful, we walked around took some photos, the guide told us some history and myths. I am not going to tell you all the details now, but it was beautiful. On our way back, there was a bridge, with water under it, so I decided to take a photo of the view, with the water and everything, and then we left, nothing special.

After we got home, I went and developed the pictures, when I received them I bought an album to have them all in one place. As I was going through the photos, in the one with the bridge I can see a figure in the water, a long tail and some long pointy ears, everything else is kind of faded. From that moment I started believing in this kind of things, I never did before, but now I do, I just feel like it.


Some other relatives laughed at him, telling him it was a big fish or just a fake mermaid but every time he found a good answer for them. He truly believed that was a real mermaid.

By John William Waterhouse – “A Mermaid” (1900)


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