Burn Heaven

Anger eater

The legend begins with a good king, a man who was always there for his people, always helping them and being the best husband and father. His family of four was seen as an example for the locals, who saw in their king’s family the love and understanding they all wanted. Lily, the daughter, was 15 years old and the son, Ash who was 6. Their mother, a beautiful lady with long black hair and pale skin was the beauty of the castle, she was an artist, she liked to write and paint. Her paintings were all over the castle and the stories she wrote were the ones her children grew up listening to.

The black rose painting

Her black rose painting was everyone’s favourite, and it was the first painting you saw entering the castle. It was a sunny Sunday morning when the king and the queen started fighting.

Lily’s perspective

Like every time, after the fight starts, dad is running, he comes after a few minutes and he is very calm. I heard mom once saying that she thinks he started drinking but I think he is just taking a few minutes for himself, so he doesn’t hurt mom. But I decided that next time I will follow him, to prove mom she’s wrong.


The next day Lily and Ash were playing in the stables, when their father came angry and screamed at Ash “You were supposed to be at your piano lessons Ash!”, Ash starts blinking often and stammering “I know father, I will go right now”. The king begins to walk quickly back to the castle behind his son. Lily takes the opportunity and follows her father, after they enter the castle Ash goes right to “The room of knowledge” as the king called it, and the king goes left. The king enters the basement and Lily follows, but after a few steps, the king turns around and sees her “What are you doing here reckless child?”, Lily runs outside without a word.

She kept thinking of a plan, when an innocent idea, heard in her mother’s tales, came to her mind. Lily goes out and fills an empty bag with dust and dirt, runs into the basement and pours it on the floor from the entrance to each door. She goes back upstairs and starts fighting with Ash, screaming at each other louder and louder. The door of the library opens, he looks at them angrily and goes to the basement, after 10 minutes he comes back with a big smile on his face “My babies, please stop fighting, I will read you a story tonight, your mom’s latest story.”, he says while going back in the room. The children smiled and stopped the fight, Lily looked around and runs to the basement, takes the candle placed on a table at the entrance, it’s there for everyone who enters to use it, but because of the king, the candle is almost completely used.

Lily’s perspective

“Where were you going, father?” I keep thinking as I’m following his footsteps, going deeper and deeper in the basement. I think I passed by every room I’ve ever been to, the room with all my old dresses, the room with Ash’s old clothes, mom’s paintings and books and also the wine room. I keep going until the footsteps stop. I go one step ahead and see stairs going down, I bite my bottom lip and go, as my heart beats faster and faster I keep looking behind, my father could come at any time. My steps and breath are the only sounds I can hear…suddenly it becomes dark, the candle burnt her last flicker and now I am in complete darkness. I keep going until I hit myself into a wall, I start touching it and feel the texture of wood, as I go touching all the surface I feel a door handle, I take a deep breath and open the door.

A cold wave hits me, I get goosebumps and I start grinding my teeth. “Again angry king?”, I freeze, a deep manly voice just spoke, I can now feel the coldness in my bones, I close my eyes as I feel the wind touching my face. “Who are you?” the voice says again, I cannot open my mouth to talk and I don’t know if I even want to, “You are not my angry king, but I’m sure I can find some anger in you”.


Everyone in the castle is looking for Lily, Ash is crying in his mother’s arms, “Where is she mommy?” says Ash, “I leave the castle once and you lose her” says the queen angry looking at the king. “She is big enough to take care of herself, I was working and you know it” screams the king already with his hand on the handle of the door to the basement.

He locks the door behind him so the queen won’t come and searches the candle on the little table “Where is it? I’m sure I left it here…No, she would never…” says the king remembering the time Lily followed him. He runs through the hallway until he touches the door, “With or without light I can always find this door.”, he goes into the room and breaths in the cold air.


The king closes the basement door and goes close to his wife “I have to tell you something”, his eyes are full of tears. The queen tells Ash to go outside and play and they go to the library. “My love, in the deepest room of the basement I have a demon, he is there since I was a child, it is a demon that’s eating anger, I give him all my anger.” the queen’s eyes fill with tears as the king continues “My father was a cruel man, always beating me and my mother, I didn’t want to be like him so when I was 10 I was crying in that room and this demon came, since then I have a deal with him…but Lily followed me there and he wants to keep her with him.”.


After long fights in which the king explained to the queen that if he lets Lily out, the demon will come too, the king stopped going there, trying to spend most of his time with his wife and little boy. But it didn’t matter for the queen, as she decided one day to take Ash, go to the basement and leave themselves be trapped in the room with the demon…and Lily.

The king searched for them in all the rooms of the castle and outside, but he knew where they went, he was sure. He dressed in his most beautiful clothes, entered the basement and locked the door, went blindly to the door, entered the room, throw the key on the floor and left himself be swallowed in there forever.

The legend says they are still there, waiting for someone to find and free them. But others say they were dead the moment they left the demon to touch their soul and that the locals can sometimes hear their footsteps in the basement, going in the room of the anger eater.


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