Burn Heaven

Supernatural creatures


Supernatural beings are real. I’ve heard a lot of opinions on this one, and most of them were like “No, not real”. The funniest opinion was “Why would you ever get a dragon tattooed on you? Dragons ain’t real.” I didn’t ask…plus, how do you know? I wanted to kill her but let’s forget that.

I truly believe it’s very absurd when people say that something doesn’t exist just because they haven’t seen it. How did some have come to the conclusion that they have already seen everything and know everything exists to say that something it’s not real, not just supernatural beings, but everything in general. Because there are so many things we never saw and maybe never will, maybe because some creatures died, even the last of them, maybe because they are so good hidden. There are so many forests you’ve never been to, so many “corners” of the world, and oceans that have never been explored.

Secondly, how do we explain the fact that there are very old writings about some creatures being described as very similar in many corners of the world, even if people didn’t have the means to communicate, as we do now. They just described the supernatural beings and gave them names, different names around the world, but when you analyze it you can see it’s the same creature. I found this very interesting.

I mean, why would witches not be real? A person creates connection through energy, and understanding nature. Why not mermaids or fairies? Why is all so strange and unbelievable for some? Look around, birds flying, chickens coming out of the egg, lizards climbing buildings, how some fishes look, giraffes and elephants, and of course, giving birth. All the strange things are already around us but we got used to them so it seems normal. There are so many examples, if just think and look around for a second I promise you’ll at least one strange thing.

And also some examples of the same creature in different cultures:

  1. Vampires- Many cultures have stories about blood-drinking creatures, cultures such as ancient Greeks, Hebrews, and Romans. They mostly originate from the 18th century and were described often as evil beings. The “vampire” label was given later, but they were mostly called “demons” in ancient times.
By R. de Moraine – Book – Les tribunaux secrets – publ. 1864

2. Werewolves- Also known as lycanthrope, is known as the result of a curse. They are, like vampires, mentioned in stories in ancient Greek and Rome. Werewolves are humans with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf. Also often called “demons”.

By Lucas Cranach the Elder – Gotha, Herzogliches Museum (Landesmuseum)

3. Dwarfs- Mentioned in Germanic mythology and Old Norse. Dwarfs are associated with crafting and wisdom but I also heard stories about some cunning dwarfs.

By Lorenz Frølich – Published in Gjellerup, Karl (1895). Den ældre Eddas Gudesange. Photographed from a 2001 reprint by bloodofox.

This is just a little piece of example, you can search any creature and find where was it mentioned and etc. I personally believe in all supernatural and paranormal beings, from fairies to mimics, all the palette. And I can say that life’s way more interesting this way.

If you agree with my comment and if you don’t…just follow me.


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