Burn Heaven

The creature in the cornfield

Michelle and her brother were sent by their mother to the cornfield to check the corn, it was a very hot day, they were running in the field, the sun was in the middle of the sky and there were no clouds at all. As they were running Michelle heard something, she looked and his brother:


He nods and follows her, they walk approximately 5 meters and see a man wearing all black from the hat to the shoes, he looks at them with his dark brown eyes and says:

-Do you want to play hide and seek with me?

-No, thank you! May I ask you what are you doing in my parent’s field?

-Come play child. He says looking at Michelle’s brother.

The boy looks at him and nods “no”. The man smiles and turns around and there was a light blue eye on the back of his neck that did not blink at all, the man scratches the back of his neck and when he puts his hand back in the pocket the children can see that the eye is closed as if it’s asleep. The man spins his head like an owl, looking at them for one last time and then he disappears into the field.

This post is based on a real story. It is inspired of something a girl told me once.


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