Burn Heaven

The 100th day

The story begins with a princess, she was 18 at the moment of our story, she lived at the castle with her father, the king. Their family, The Blackrose dynasty ruled over the country for the last five centuries. One day she goes in front of the palace and asks 3 soldiers a little favour. “I want you to grease with blood the door of my bedroom, every day. I want blood from people starting from the age of 1 growing to 100 when you reach 100 knock on my door 5 times. Start tomorrow ” says the princess.

The 3 soldiers set off on their way to the village nearby, when they got there they spread to search for a one-year-old child. After a few minutes, 2 of them came with a child, they argued which one to take and remained to take the smaller child, a girl. They got to the castle, hide the child and went to sleep.

When the sun rises, they took the child and a knife and decided that the one who hadn’t brought a child should kill the little girl. It was Gregory, he took the girl into his arms and went to his house. Hunter and Ernesh were waiting in front of the castle when they saw Gregory coming with the girl, alive. That’s when they decided they are not going to kill anyone for a monster. They cut themselves and put their blood into a bucket and painted her door with the blood, they knock to let her know that finished and hide. She opened the door, touched it with her long pointy finger and then she licked the blood off her finger.

Three months passed, the soldiers did the same every day, they were weak but the last day was today, it was all worth it. They cut themselves for the last time, put it in a bucket and painted her wooden red door and knocked 5 times. She opened the door and asked 5 questions: “Did anyone knew what you were doing?”, “Did you ever felt bad for your victims?”, “Do you hate me for what I made you do?” and “Did you ever lied to me?” all of them replied “No” to all her questions. She stuck her finger in the bucked and tasted the blood again, wiped her finger off her royal blue velvet dress and said:

-Who killed the one year old child?

-I did, My name is Gregory, your Highness.

-Show me the bodies all the ones you killed.

-Of course. Says Hunter.

They all walk behind the princess and told her they need to go to the back of the rose garden, the beautiful red roses started crying when they saw the princess. When she finally arrived in the back of the garden she saw the bodies of the three soldiers, laying on the ground, with roses all around them.

-How is this possible?

She looks back at them, shocked, Ernesh steps ahead and says:

-There are the bodies of the ones you killed. Now we can watch you be angry until your last day, wondering how could 3 soldiers fooled you.

The souls of the 3 flew into the sky. The princess was so angry that after another 100 days she killed herself in the place where the bodies of the soldiers were.


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