Burn Heaven

The unseen house

It’s a pretty windy 22 September, Chopin is playing and I can hear the water bottles tumbling down in the trunk, I look left and I see my husband driving silently, I look on the window trying to understand nature’s feelings knowing it’s about to rain, happy or sad? Who truly knows?

He suddenly breaks, I look forward and I see a black cat in the middle of the road, the cat looks at me with her yellow eyes then she looks right, she does that again, I look right to see what’s she’s looking at but there is nothing special, it’s just an old grey building with a sign in front of the gate, with the message: “Come in if you see the house -1801-“, I look back to show it to Alaric but the cat is gone so he starts driving. I tell him what I just saw, he didn’t believe me so when we got home we search the place on the map online so we can see it again, it was an empty field so we decided to go back to show him the house because I wasn’t lying. As we were getting closer I saw it and I start laughing and say:

-There it is, the grey old house!

We park right in front, Ric looks around:

-There is no house here. It’s just a field waiting to be bought. Says Ric while he points to the sign with the message “For sale”.

We get angry because both of us think the other one is joking, we get in the car and on our way home I keep thinking about the message “[…] if you see the house […]”, maybe Ric really can’t it.

For the past 5 days I’ve been coming to see if someone comes out or gets in, or any sign of life but nothing, I’m curious but I don’t want to go in and never get out. The 6th day comes and I decide to go in and I ask Ric to come with me. We are in front of the house, I read the message again and I open the gate, I take two steps on the grass and I’m already in the yard, I look behind I see if Ric is coming, but he’s panicked, calling for me, he enters the yard but he doesn’t seem to see me, he passes right beside me and goes out in road again. I can see he’s scared so I want to get out, but when I step foot out of the yard I hear the door opening and a feminine voice:

-You finally came.

My blood freezes in my veins.


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