Burn Heaven

The map

Stuck in Prague

I blow my nose and look back up, the geography teacher is explaining something on the map, can’t really keep up with her, she is talking way too fast and it’s been already 40 minutes of class, she asks me to come show her Paris on the map. I get up and go towards the map, the map looks like it’s alive, the oceans have waves and I can see little trees swaying, it’s windy. I close my eyes and shake my head, it must be the fatigue.

-We don’t have all day, it’s an easy question, can you please show us Paris? Says the teacher laughing ironically.

-Of course.

I put my finger on Paris on the map, I start feeling my body itchy and floating, I can’t see or hear, after a few seconds my hearing comes back and I start hearing strong sounds, my sight comes too, I look around confused, the first thing I see is the Eiffel Tower, I start walking around asking people about date and hour, it must be a dream.

After a few hours in Paris I start liking the magic that brought me here, maybe it’s just a dream, so I start being reckless asking people for maps, visiting different cities like Cairo or Tokyo. I’m in Prague now, just looking at the architecture and the people. I see a girl with a red coat reading her map.

-Hi, do you happen to have the world’s map?

-No, what’s wrong with you?

Of course, she doesn’t, I would’ve been confused if she did, but I tried, now going back on searching for a library or a school. The first one I see after a little searching is a library, I go in and ask a world’s map, the man working there gives me one, I laugh and put my finger on Rome:

-Time to go home.

I close my eyes and wait…I feel nothing, no strange feeling, I open my eyes and I’m still in the library, I close my eyes and try again. I can hear the man keep asking me:

-Are you going to buy that?

That’s the moment I got scared, I get out of the library and just now remember I don’t have money or my phone, everything is on my desk.

How the hell I’m gonna get home?


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