Burn Heaven

The evildoers of dreams

the dream from last night…

My friends and I talk about how we could enter the world of dreams, we are hiding behind a hospital, it’s night and it’s cold and one of our friends is lying on the floor sighing in his sleep, probably the evildoers are in his mind. The evildoers are a group of people who have become so dark-hearted that they can enter the minds of people who sleep, to destroy their dreams. A lot of old people from the hospital keep dying in their sleep so we decided we should do something, a policeman also started his own helping method, or so we believed when we heard at the news that he killed some people around town, and tonight we found him asleep close to the hospital.

We all lay down and close our eyes thinking of the worst things we ever did, in a few minutes we are all together again, at a crossroad, it’s all dusty and the wind blows. The only thing I’m thinking of is “What did you guys think about? Should I be concerned? Or happy, because it got all of us here?!”.

The evildoers start to appear around, laughing, disappearing and appearing again, we also see the policeman, he runs after them but not fast enough to catch them, but our friend, the one that fell asleep before us is not here so we wake up to see if he’s fine.

He’s dead, we check his pulse but nothing, his girlfriend starts crying and swears to kill everyone for her boyfriend’s revenge, then she falls asleep on the cold ground, we try to wake her but nothing, she laughs in her sleep and then we hear her laugh from inside the hospital.

Now we have to save her too, and we have no idea how to do that.


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