Burn Heaven

The War

This is a dream I feel I’m having periodic, once every 2 years.

I wake up and I hear a lot of screaming, I look at the window, sun is just now rising and I already know what’s happening. I get out of the bed and dress quickly, I go outside and get a shovel and start running to the backyard.

A lot of dwarfs with red hats and pitchforks, red pigs and horses running around. The sky is grey, ready for a good storm, some blood drops touch my face, I look left and see some neighbors fighting with the dwarfs.

I go back inside the house:

-MOM! Come outside, we have to fight!

-No, fight if you want.

She lays on the bed and goes to sleep, ignoring my calls for help. I go back outside and start fighting with a dwarf, he screams and laughs and pitch me with his spear. The thought of dying runs through my mind so fast I cannot even hear anymore, I raise the shovel and I strike off the dwarf’s head, his head spins in the air and lands one meter from me.

I stand petrified and look around again, it’s empty, is just me and the dead dwarf, I am getting close to his head and I hear him speak:

-I will come again.

And he always does.


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