Burn Heaven

The two demons

I think I had 10-11 years when I had this dream, and the dream starts like this.

-Mom please, I want to finish my homework!

-Clean this room and your job for today it’s done, mom says while leaving the room.

I start cleaning when I hear something from behind, I look back and the room starts spinning, a dark red creature with horns and hooves is standing right next to the tv, I start running and the creature follows me, every time I look back everything look like a blurry tunnel with the focus only on the demon.

I stop, he just stands there, so I start screaming for mom, she enters the room and asks:


But the moment she enters the room he disappears. With no options I tell her I just thought I saw something. When she leaves, he comes again, this happens a few times until another demon appears, comes close to me and talks with a feminine voice:

-Don’t be afraid, he won’t hurt you when I’m here.

She smiles and start jumping through the room, she comes close to me again and shows me her long and black teeth. I run to the door, open it and say:

-Mom, I remembered I have to go to school really quick, I’ll be right back.

I start running as fast as I can, I keep looking behind and I see them in the blurry tunnel, as I enter the school gate they stop:

-Coming here got all the children here eaten. Good job!

I open my eyes, I’m in my room, I’m safe, they are not here. It was just a dream.


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