Burn Heaven

Boys in the night

Midnight, 3 boys going home on foot after a party at a friend’s house, laughing and gossiping about the party. As they went they saw an old lady approaching, dressed all black, they laughed and said “Good evening” to her, but no answer. She looked up at them but they couldn’t see her face, it was like she didn’t have one.

They asked her if she needed help and many other questions, no answer. She didn’t move, she just stood in one place this whole time, they thought it’s just a scared old lady, so to make it just a little more fun before they leave they started saying a prayer and drawing crosses in the air.

That’s the moment the old lady disappeared in front of their eyes like she was never there, she just vanished. They finally got scared and went home silently, until this day they can swear they saw the devil.

This post is based on a real story. A short story my friend told me, about one of her friends.

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