Burn Heaven

What I hate 2

 Second little list with what I hate:

1. I hate when a pimple pops up before I have to go somewhere. Example: summer holiday, perfect skin, tomorrow is the first day of school, fine, 10 pimples.

2. I hate when someone’s late, like why? how? come when you’re supposed to.

3. I hate people who cancel the plan minutes before. You know I got ready, right? I could’ve stayed in bed and eat.

4. I hate people who think they know more about my allergies than me and my doctor. No Karen, if I wipe the dust I won’t stop sneezing 100 times, because there is for sure still dust in the house and because while wiping it, a little bit got in my nose. I have more things to say about this, so I will write one separate article.

5. I hate men who think they’re better the women. You are just not, women are strong, smart, and can do whatever a man can do. Another topic I’ll write about.

6. I hate extra-religious people. I’ll write about this for sure, so I can explain myself better. Religious people are fine, my best friends, but the ones that bring religion in every single conversation, no, just no.

7. I hate that kind of parents that think there is no way you know something better than them because you are a fucking child, because they are older. Ok aunt, next time fix your phone clock alone.

8. I hate hypocrites. “Looks don’t matter”( maybe it doesn’t for some, but for most of us it does,  and a lot of people say it doesn’t and they love the soul and personality, I totally agree, but you have to pass the look first. You first see the look, not the personality.

9. I hate when people that are not close to you at least, believe they can anything about your personal life. My personal life, it’s kind of not your problem.

10. I hate curious people, kind of in connection with the one above, but we all know that curious ass person(maybe you) who can’t sleep if they don’t know why that Pentecostal girl took her wedding photos in front of an orthodox church (real story, I have a really curious friend).


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