Burn Heaven

What I hate 1

First little list with what I hate:

1. I hate people who don’t have a key in the bathroom. Yes, I know, we all poop and pee, but I won’t like you to see my Barbie panties. 

2. I hate people who victimize themselves ALL THE TIME. Guys, psychologists still exist. 

3. I hate people who interrupt me. No, your problem is not worst, and no, you are not allowed to speak while I speak.

4. I hate windows without curtains (nighttime mostly). Like, why would you ever want every killer, psychopath, and stalker to look at you when you sleep? Hell Nah, also I don’t want that weirdo to see my night skincare routine.

5. I hate when someone copies me and doesn’t admit it. (I have a lovely story for you here) I get it, you like something about me, you would love that too, don’t pretend you don’t know that from me, and be like “ Omg, it’s so great that I’ve been like this forever”.

6. I hate when someone tells me I have to eat everything. “ Leave the plate empty”. You’ve been there, right? And you know what I love more? When the food is disgusting, and maybe on the plate is also something you said you’re allergic to, or you don’t like. 

7. I hate relative’s stupid questions. Please, stop asking me when I’ll have a baby, why I have more than one earring, or why I have tattoos, why I dress black, and everything else, like damn it, leave me alone.

8. I hate controlling parents (not mine, but fortunately I saw some, so I can hate them). No, being a parent doesn’t mean that you control your child’s every move and that you know better. (this is one of those things I want to talk about because it’s a big problem).

9. I hate people who ask “ Why would you do this tattoo?”/”Do you like it?” Haha, of course, I don’t, are you stupid? Why would I ever get something I like?

10. I hate people who believe is funny to touch other’s people privates, because “ I know what you got there, I have too”. Oh yeah? Touch my head please, bet you don’t know what I’ve got there. 


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