Burn Heaven

The paintings

  Everyone dressed in sadness gets in the car heading to grandma’s cottage:-You will like it darling. I can finally show you where I grew up.- I’m sure I will, but why we had to wait until Grandma’s death to see it?-Grandma was very protective of the house after I left, and she didn’t like to be visited.    The road seemed even longer because of the silence, yet in the end, they arrived.A cottage close to the woods, quite large, beautifully decorated. In the living room, the mother tells her husband and daughter some childhood stories and what life was like at the cottage.Time for sleep comes, our girl chooses the little room her mom used to stay in when she was a child. It was already pretty late so she goes to bed right away. Sitting on the bed she looked around and saw two strange, scary paintings, they represented people, a man with knives stuck in his body and the other one represented a woman, full of blood, with a cut breast, cryingThe rest of the details we can’t relate because the girl closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep. When morning came, the girl got up and ran to the kitchen without looking around, never to see those paintings again:- Good morning mom, could you please take away those paintings in my room? I understand grandma had dark tastes in art, but it’s too dark for me.- I don’t know what you’re talking about, maybe you had a nightmare?!- I didn’t, I saw them last night.- Darling, there are no paintings in that room, only two windows.

This is a story I once read somewhere, I filled in the blanks, where I didn’t remember at all. I don’t know if it’s real or someone’s imagination. If it’s real, I’m sorry for that family, if it’s written by someone, I’m jealous of the writer. I’m just trying to bring out all the stories I’ve heard.


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