Burn Heaven

The old lady

 There was an old lady, in the county side, living alone in her little house, no children to come to visit her from time to time, no one. Her only source of income was her dairy cow, she would sell milk to the neighbours, but this business was not going well either because some thought she was a witch. Various rumours were heard in the village, some said that the cow was never heard, they never saw it, some said that they saw the old lady at night in the yard spinning in circles around the fire, some were scared of the long life that the old woman lived, everyone knew she lived a long time ago, but the exact year she was born in was not known. 

However, the woman behaved very nicely with all her clients, the milk was delicious and at a good price. Some of those who bought milk from her often joked “magic milk, at this price, it seems to me that this business benefits only us”.  The years passed like that, in a temporary loop, some bought, others gossiped. 

Until one day, a woman went to get her milk, she noticed that it was not in front of the door of the old woman’s house, as usual. She knocked on the door and shouted, no one answered, the morning silence that covered the village scared the women even harder. She runs home, and tells her husband about it, he decides to go there. When he gets there, he looks around, it’s quiet, and he cannot see any movement, so he opens the door and enters the house, the smell of rottenness hits him hard at every step, he leaves the house and runs to the bar in the village, the bar where all men gather for the first beer of that day, he tells them everything and they decide together to enter the old woman’s house.

With axes and other defences, they enter their house, they look everywhere, the old woman cannot be found, until they found the door to the attic, there they found the woman, lying on the floor, out of breath, and next to her, a wooden cow, the size of a normal one. Everyone was terribly scared and they decided to set fire to the house, no one would come to see what happened to the old lady. They prepared a good fire that covered the whole house, they stayed constantly around the house to make sure that nothing strange was happening.

After the fire was over and the house was completely burned, they walked through the ashes, to be sure that everything was as they wanted, but then they saw it, the wooden cow, totally untouched by fire, sitting in the ashes next to a pair of the women’s wooden shoes.

This post is based on a real story. That’s how the story ends, no one knows what happened next, or maybe some know, but there are too afraid to speak. It’s a story that can be heard in the area where I lived, where many other stories have been heard.


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