Burn Heaven

Kind of a presentation

Hi guys, for starters I’ll dedicate this blog to stories, mostly horror or this kinda stuff, stories I have heard over the years, from social media, friends, relatives, or old people (they have the best ones, most of the time at least).

I am the kind of person that tells colleagues horror stories when we had free classes, it was raining outside and you don’t have an umbrella, I’ll try to keep the stories as close to the original version, I don’t promise this tho, I’ll probably add a little more details because, in the end, I am a writer. If you’ve heard some of the stories already and liked them, make sure to support me anyway because I help them not get lost in time. I also have some pretty weird dreams that I’d like to write some of them. If you don’t like what I write, leave, use your precious time doing something you like. If you know me and think this blog is a reason for you to laugh I invite you to write better. 

 I hope we will all burn in heaven! See you with the next post.


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