Burn Heaven

Bridge Witch

One night a man was coming from fieldwork with a horse-drawn carriage (the option for field life), on their way home he had to pass by a little bridge, he could see some light under the bridge, even if he wasn’t close yet. When he got close enough, he saw an old lady, completely naked, dancing in circles around her candles, saying something our man couldn’t understand. When he saw all of this, he gets out of the carriage, takes a piece of wood, and runs to the bridge. He starts screaming at the old lady to stop the witchcraft, but she ignores him, and then, he hit her, a lot of times, while he was telling her that she will burn the hell for this. 

   When he decides that the women had received enough, he got back in the carriage and he was preparing to leave, but the lady finally spoke, telling him that he will die very soon because of what he did. The man laughed and left. The next day, he told everybody what he did and what the witch told him, everyone found it funny, and thanked him for the good thing he did, because “witches must die”.

   A few days pass and our man dies, unexpectedly, no one wanted to talk about the meeting our man had with the so-called witch but, some people dared to whisper that the witch’s curse was true. Since then, the woman said to anyone who asked her that those who dare to offend will have the same fate. People who dared to throw ugly words against the women died mysteriously, years after years.

This post is based on a real story. It is another story from my hometown, is from the time my mom was a little kid. 


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