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A wand for a human II

PART II Algar works all night to create his greatest project, a human wand. Once the wand is ready he takes it out, the wand’s top is at Algar’s nose, from half up is painted dark green and a thin string is tied up at the bottom. He hides the wand behind the house and […]

A wand for a human

PART I Our story begins with Algar, a Wand-Maker elf, living in his little forest house, he is red and has big ears and big orange eyes. Algar evening starts by goes into the garden to pick up a raspberry, he waves at Mina as he sees her coming from the human’s town. Mina is […]

Who betrayed first?

The dark waves hit the boat over and over again, the storm begs for some dead Vikings, but Sigurd keeps encourages us. “Calm down crew. He never lets us down.” His voice is powerful and deep, and he is a good captain, he has a long light brown beard and always keeps his axe in […]

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